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Hidden Risks

Owner's title insurance will protect you against the following hidden risks which would not be disclosed by even the most meticulous search of public records.

  1. Forgery
  2. Fraud in connection with the execution of documents.
  3. Undue influence on a grantor or executor.
  4. False personation by those purporting to be owners of the property.
  5. Incorrect representation of marital status of grantors.
  6. Undisclosed or missing heirs.
  7. Wills not properly probated.
  8. Mistaken interpretation of wills and trusts.
  9. Mental incompetence of grantors.
  10. Conveyance by a minor.
  11. Birth of heirs subsequent to the date of a will.
  12. Inadequate surveys.
  13. Incorrect legal descriptions.
  14. Non-delivery of deeds.
  15. Unsatisfied claims not shown on the record.
  16. Deeds executed under expired or false powers of attorneys.
  17. Confusion due to similar or identical names.
  18. Dower or curtesy rights of ex-spouse of former owners.
  19. Incorrect indexing.
  20. Clerical error in recording legal documents.
  21. Delivery of deeds after the death of a grantor.