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About Us

Wayne County Abstract Company has been serving Wayne and Pike Counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania for over 20 years (since January 1983).

All of our services are performed by attorneys or other legal-trained personnel, including:

Ronald M. Bugaj, B.S., J.D.

Ron graduated with a B.S. from the University of Pittsburgh (1972) and a J.D. from the Dickinson School of Law (1975), and has been licenced to practice law in Pennsylvania since 1975. Attorney Bugaj has handled in excess of 1000 closings, representing all aspects of sales - buyers, sellers and mortgagors - as both an attorney and a title insurance closing agent. He has been licenced by the Pennsylvania Insurance Commission as a title insurance agent for over 20 years, having written well over 500 title insurance policies to date.

Ronnie J. Fischer, B.A., M.A., J.D.

Ronnie graduated with a B.A. from Northwestern University (1999), a M.A. from McGill University (2000) and a J.D. from the Dickinson School of Law (2003). Ronnie has years of experience working in the legal field and performing title searches.

Diane Bugaj, Closing Administrator

Diane has over 20 years of experience with real estate closings and settlements. With an unsurpassed attention to detail, she looks after the preparation of deeds, mortgages, affidavits, 1099 forms, settlement statements (HUD-1), etc.